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postheadericon Falling in Love with Fall Colours

The season of fall serves as catalyst for us fashionistas to rework our wardrobes with warmer clothes and darker colours but who says that bright colours can’t coexist in the mix? From bold hues of yellow and red, to comforting blues, and vibrant earthy tones, we’re ecstatic to stray away from classic dark colours and add life into our closets. Check out our top trending colours we’ve been wearing this season below!

Spicy Mustard

We’ve seen yellow make a comeback this year with the surge of 70’s and 90’s influence in fashion. While not so subtle in its bright nature, the mustard tone of yellow actually projects a reflection of the changing leaves in fall and provides us with the reassurance that warmth is still around.

Vibrant Red

Always a classic and regal in its entirety, this is a colour that we can’t seem to forego season after season. While we’re used to dressing in darker hues of red such as burgundy or deep violet, we’re loving the pops of red that make a powerful statement in our fall pieces. From embellishments to embroidery, red is a staple to be seen in everything.


A favourite of our neutrals, taupe makes it easy for us to mix in all our earthy toned pieces. While we’re still a fan of our beloved camel, the subtleness of taupe gives us the flexibility to pair it against some chocolatey browns and creamy beige pieces for a layered look that doesn’t look overdone.

Sharkskin Grey

While we’re fans of all fifty shades of grey, sharkskin grey makes it on our list for being able to serve as a softer base neutral. Because we can mix it against a multitude of other bold colours and patterns without looking washed out, we’re finding more and more head to toe grey ensembles with a vibrant outwear piece. Team is with some snazzy specs like Oliver Peoples sunglasses for a super stylish look!

Ocean Blue

With its natural calming effect on the human brain, we’re loving the darker hue of ocean blue water colours found amongst outerwear details along with some of our favourite prints. It presents a certain type of boldness without overpowering other parts of our outfit to exude overall serenity.

postheadericon Mini album to give to your partner in 5 steps

If you want to give an album gift to your loved one nothing will be more precious than it. In this article you can learn how to make a beautiful mini album, a different gift and made by your own hands.

The materials that you need to use to make this mini album are:

  • Decorated papers
  • Sheet of cut-outs
  • Red and gray eva rubber alphabet
  • Alphabet of red and blue stickers
  • Double-sided double tape and 3D pads
  • Enamel dots and twine (cotton thread)
  • Sewing machine, precision scissors and guillotine.
  • Vegetable paper or vellum.

Mini album to give away step by step

  1. Step 1

The first thing we will need is to cut a piece of 10 x 16 cm stamped paper, which we will use as a cover.

  1. Step 2

Next we will cut the pages. It is better that the minis have pages of different sizes and shapes; they win a lot in variety and dynamism. Of course, it is important that you always respect the size of the covers, so we will cut three pieces of decorated paper a little smaller than the covers. You can make them square or rectangular but always smaller than the covers.All these pieces of paper going to fold in half, this will form a booklet that will be the structure of my mini album.

  1. Step 3

To give it an even more special touch youcan use one of favorite products when making minis: vellum or vegetal paper. Cut a couple of pieces of velum smaller than the pages. These pieces will be interspersed between the pages of decorated paper.

  1. Step 4

The next step is to unite all these pages, and we will do it with the help of our sewing machine. We position all the pages in the order that we want the mini album to have and then carefully sew it in half.

As advised you need to pass the machine gently, even turning with your hand, since it is necessary that the seam is right and just by the fold of the papers so that the mini can close perfectly and does not break the paper.

  1. Step 5

Now there is only the most entertaining part: DECOR!! In this mini album you can document the years you have been together as a couple highlighting some of the milestones of your relationship.

Finally decorate the cover with a doilie with a heart shape, the eva rubber alphabet in red color and more drawings of the cut-out page, some of which you can paste with the help of 3D pads so that youcan make it more entertaining. Close everything with the help of a little twine in light blue.